The Route:

2016 Route Map

Riders depart Edelweiss Club in Morrison and warm up through gentle climbs in Red Rocks Park in the morning light, exiting through Dinosaur Ridge back to Morrison.  Riders then proceed up the gentle grade on Bear Creek Rd to Evergreen Lake.  Riders will find an aid station in Idledale, and another one at the Challenge Course turnaround a mile past Evergreen Lake.

At the 2nd aid station, riders will have covered ~20 miles.  Challenge Course riders will relax at the aid station then take the downhill on Bear Creek Rd back to Edelweiss Club for a total of 32 miles.  They will pass the Idledale aid station again on their way back down.

METRIC CENTURY riders will continue up Brook Forest Rd. for a mile or so before hitting the first major climb.  Riders will climb for about 5 miles on Brook Forest Rd., ending at the peak of Brook Forest Rd. and celebrating their climb at an aid station.

Riders then descend to 73 and head north to N. Turkey Creek Rd. and arrive at another aid station at the intersection.

30 MILE (bail out) OPTION:  For those that don’t feel like doing another climb, riders can proceed from the aid station and continue north on 73 to Evergreen Lake and return to Edelweiss Club via Bear Creek Rd.  They will pass the Idledale aid station again on their way back down.

Metric Century riders continue on to N. Turkey Creek Rd. for about 5 miles before turning left onto High Dr.  Once on High Dr., the 2nd major climb begins and continues for ~4 miles to the top of High Dr., finishing at another aid station.

After the aid station, riders will descend with care via Little Cub Creek Rd to Bear Creek Rd. and back to Edelweiss Club.  The Idledale aid station will remain open for returning riders.

All riders will meet at the Edelweiss Club for a catered lunch and post-ride party.


Aid Station and Climb Summary (mile marker):

Aid #1: Ideldale Church: Outgoing (12 mile), Returning (55 mile)
Aid #2: Brook Forest Rd 1/4 mile after intersection of Brook Forest and 73 (20 mile)
Aid #3:  Summit of Brook Forest Rd. (27 mile)
Aid #4: 73 and N. Turkey Creek Rd. (35 mile)
Aid #5: Summit of High Dr. (45 mile)